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  • MiM students get creative at 4th annual Open Innovation Seminar  MARCH 2, 2015 _ By LYNN ANDERSON DAVY
  • Finance in a Changing Environment  FEBRUARY 27, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Today’s MBA graduates aspire to become tomorrow’s managers. As managers, they will need to do more than just address routine problems - they will have to respond to change. To wrestle with change requires more than just heuristics; managers must have a working theory for why companies and financial markets act as they do. This is the objective of the EDHEC Global MBA’s Corporate Finance class: to provide a fundamental understanding of the principles and practices of corporate finance.

  • 6 Recruitment Trends that Impact MBA Job Seekers   FEBRUARY 26, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Sandra Richez, the EDHEC Global MBA Careers Advisor and innovator of the CareerSMART programme offers regular advice to our MBA candidates. She is pleased to share her insight into some changing recruitment trends and what they actually mean to the MBA candidate:

  • EDHEC Global MBA Participant Spotlight: Danae Sakkou, Greece.  FEBRUARY 26, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Danae Sakkou from Greece began the EDHEC Global MBA program in the January intake. Before coming to EDHEC, she was an instructor at several language schools teaching English. In 2013, she completed a Master’s degree in linguistic development, which included studying human cognition and various language disorders. After three years of teaching, she was ready for new challenges as well as new opportunities - the EDHEC MBA was just the solution.

  • EDHEC FE Event: Cyril Demaria, Executive Director at UBS  FEBRUARY 25, 2015 _ By ANGELIQUE MICONNET
  • Student Spotlight: Nikhil Shah  FEBRUARY 25, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Nikhil Shah, a 37-year-old Filipino-Spanish-Indian participant with a background in Operations and Management Systems Auditing, joined EDHEC Global MBA program in January 2015.

  • Frank Fabozzi recognized for producing relevant and valuable body of research that has contributed to the investment profession  FEBRUARY 24, 2015 _ By STEPHANE COLOMBANI

    Frank Fabozzi has been awarded the James R. Vertin Award by the CFA Institute Research Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that sponsors independent research for investors and investment professionals around the world.

  • MBA Clubs for Increased Learning  FEBRUARY 24, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    During the Global MBA Program, participants have the opportunity to join extra-curricular clubs. Along with previously existing clubs focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing, and consultancy, two new clubs have been offered this year: the Finance Club and Energy Club. These clubs, organized and run by Global MBA participants, offer increased opportunities for networking, and allow for more in depth and hands-on learning. They meet weekly at the EDHEC Nice campus and are all well attended by Global MBA participants.

  • EDHEC welcomes first class of the Family Business Executive MBA  FEBRUARY 23, 2015 _ By LYNN ANDERSON DAVY

    EDHEC is proud to be the first business school in Europe to offer a uniquely-tailored Executive MBA to next generation family business leaders.

  • Social Media: How it Influences the choice of MBA  FEBRUARY 23, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Yang Yang, a current Global MBA participant from China, used social media to help her make a decision as to what MBA program she would pursue. After first using several online websites such as Le Point, l’Etudiant, Campus France, as well as Chinese websites about studying in France, Yang then focused on social media, notably the Chinese Weibo. “The reason why I used this social media is to see how EDHEC or other French schools are perceived by Chinese and how their reputations were. Some alumni can be found on this social media and more information can be got directly from them.”

  • CEO of, Michael Baum Advises EDHEC Global MBAs on Entrepreneurship  FEBRUARY 20, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    “If you are going to spend years of your life working hard, chasing an idea then make sure it is a big idea” – Michael Baum.
    The MBA class of 2015 was privileged to spend a few hours with visionary serial entrepreneur Michael Baum. Kicking off the presentation Mr. Baum debunked the common idea that you need money to start a business. In his words « Money is merely a commodity » like any other resource, it can be obtained.

  • EDHEC celebrates the Chinese New Year on Nice campus  FEBRUARY 20, 2015 _ By ANGELIQUE MICONNET

    Over two days, EDHEC and student associations, organised numerous activities and a show to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

  • Ex-Apple executive demystifies Steve Jobs for Marketing Students  FEBRUARY 20, 2015 _ By LYNN ANDERSON DAVY
  • Learning Outside the Classroom  FEBRUARY 19, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    Many people know one of the main advantages of an MBA is the network that a participant develops during the program. At the EDHEC Global MBA, participants truly do develop a global network. With approximately thirty countries represented, each participant has the chance to learn from his or her peers culturally, academically, professionally, and, not surprisingly, socially.

  • Global MBA Participants Talk Real-World International Strategy   FEBRUARY 18, 2015 _ By CORALINE MOCZ

    EDHEC Global MBA participants were recently treated to a course entitled Managing the Internationalization of the Firm, with Professor Louis Hébert, from HEC business school in Montreal. The course consisted of the why and how firms expand globally, sometimes haphazardly while an executive is on vacation, and sometimes after years of research and sound planning.

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